Refund Policy
We are most appreciative of the financial donation that you give to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. With the addition of the ability to make a donation using your credit or debit card, we realize the wisdom of having a policy in place regarding refunds.

We accept your donation on a “no refunds” basis.

We understand that there may be an occasion where, while making a donation using a credit or debit card, a mistake can occur. For example, if the submit button is accidently hit twice and a double donation is made; or if an incorrect amount is entered and a donation is made in an amount that you did not intend.

It is our policy to provide a refund when a mistake has occurred during the process of making the donation. You must request a refund within 30 days of making your donation via credit or debit card by calling our office at 757-787-5622 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.